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Who dis?

Hacker Candy creates and publish HTML5 games: everything is playable in the browser on every devices.

We are based in Bulgaria, and all of us work remotely. The well-being of everyone goes first.

We are kinda different, but you'll get that quick enough after joining us.

Also, you'll get to work with the coolest boss in BGtm

What's in the bag?

You get a full-time employment contract, and you work from the comfort of your home.

Your salary gets agressive raises within the first 3 years at the company.

End of the year bonus.
Every year on December 1st, you receive two salaries instead of one, as a bonus.

Brunch in Sofia.
Every couple months we meet in Sofia to have brunch together, talk about projects and make sure everyone's happy.

Jump in!

By joining our tiny team, you get multiple guarantees.

You will always be treated with kindness.

You work with friendly colleagues.

You will get A LOT of experience working at Hacker Candy, as we work & move super fast.

Your ideas will be listened to, and whenever possible be implemented in our games.

Join our team!

In this unique job position, you will learn pixel animation from scratch using the software Aseprite.

We assume you master the illustration part, so that you can practice pixel animation intensively to reach a proper skill level in a timely manner.

You work with Aseprite to create nice animations for our games.

You work with Photoshop to create beautiful illustrations.

You are extremely creative and can adapt to lots of different styles.

You know how to work fast and love learning new techniques.

Remote position — Full time (40h /week) Apply and get an answer within 24h: